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Smart Emotion Detector 

collaborate project with Miss Ceci Lam. 

We envision a project that we believe will come to fruition within the next 10 years: 

We are gradually blinded bythe busy society, unaware that we are the most important thing ever. Our mentalhealth matters more than anything; it matters more than the money we earn andthe reputation we gain. People were not paying attention to their mentalhealth; some did not know how to manage their negative emotions and mentalillnesses well. It is essential to let everyone understand the importance oftheir mental health and emotions and connecting with others.

We want to do this project because we want to useFeelix as a starting point to let people understand the importance of mentalhealth. Feelix is beneficial for individual users in theseways: 1. It raises users' awareness of their mental health, 2. It helps individual users identify the reason thatcauses them to have too many negative emotions, 3. It helps individual users connect withpsychiatrists, 4. It helps maintain successful psychotherapy, 5. It helps the individual user to feel a sense ofconnection.

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