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Fixture is a typeface designed by Lynn Liang, using the typeface design software Glyphs.Fixture according to merriam-webster is defined as:

1. The act or process of fixing : the state of being fixed

2a : Something that is fixed or attached (as to a building) as a permanent appendage or as a structural part(a plumbing fixture). b : a device for supporting work during machining c : an item of movable property so incorporated into real property that it may be regarded as legally a part of it

3 : A familiar or invariably present element or feature in some particular setting, especially : a person long associated with a place or activity

4 : A settled date or time especially for a sporting or festive event; also : such an event especially as a regularly scheduled affair

The extra line aside the letter is like a fixture. This typeface is inspired by DIN alternate,  and laser cut. But instead of making cuts to support the machine, Fixture use open space and cuts, also the extra lines to define and strength its own architectural structure.

About Typography

About Typography 

About typography is a book project which include the history of typography, different types of font, layout and typography theories 

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